Thursday, April 15, 2010

CPSIA - Waxman Amendment New Draft

There is a new draft of the Waxman Amendment circulating. Here is a redlined version to help you see the Democrats' changes. [Ed. Note: This is a NEW hand-prepared redline.] This came out about three hours ago.

Notwithstanding that we have endured this torture since August 8, 2008, the Democrats in their infinite wisdom and kindness have set up a meeting tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST in Waxman's offices to take "final" comments from a bipartisan group including certain representatives of regulated companies. The comments will be solicited in the context of a warning that the revised bill already incorporates "the comments of industry" and represents the "best" the Democrats can do. In other words, an ultimatum.

So we are facing a key deadline less than 24 hours after receiving this critical language, notwithstanding that this "final" meeting was not pre-announced or that this issue has been festering for almost two years.

The meeting was also scheduled notwithstanding that some of us have actual jobs in actual companies and may not be sitting around waiting to do our federal government's work.

But to heck with people like me. Whiners! We should be happy with all the government our taxes and deficit can buy. Indeed. I can't make tomorrow's meeting. Guess I need to content myself with being excluded.

Another shining example of Open, Participatory Government . . . of the Waxman, by the Waxman, for the Waxman. [The Dems certainly are trying hard to make sure it won't perish from this Earth, too.]

Is that how it goes? I can't remember. . . .

I will try to provide some comments on the bill later tonight.

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