Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CPSIA - Sample Letter to the House re Waxman Amendment

This is the letter I am sending:

"Vote NO on the pending Consumer Product Safety Enhancement Act of 2010 (CPSEA)! This legislation fails to address the critical issues confronting small businesses and children's product manufacturers under the CPSIA. Without genuine reform, implementation of the CPSIA will choke off commerce in this marketplace, especially for beleagured small businesses.

True relief will only come if the CPSIA is amended to restore to the CPSC Commission true authority for risk assessment. In addition, a reduced age limit under the law and more focused (less extensive) testing is necessary to restore balance to the market. A full hearing featuring testimony from affected regulated companies will set the record straight on the pain points of this two-year-old landmark legislation.

With out-of-control CPSC rulemaking now totalling almost 2500 pages and growing seemingly every day, the CPSIA implementation has now surpassed every company's ability to process and master. The law has become incomprehensible as new rules piled upon old rules are causing gridlock and widespread economic loss. Without decisive Congressional action to restore common sense to this unrelenting crisis, small businesses and big businesses alike will have to exit the children's market permanently.

This loss of supply will greatly harm consumers (including schools and teachers) and will cost thousands of jobs.

Save the children's product market - vote NO on the CPSEA and demand true reform to fix the CPSIA once and for all."

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