Thursday, April 29, 2010

CPSIA - Hearing Webcast Link POSTED

The House Committee hearing website has posted THIS LINK for today's webcast. As noted, the hearing is scheduled to start at 10 AM EST.

Tune in and enjoy our day in court!


smower5 said...

Hi Rick, so many business owners and the people that work for them want to wish you the best today!

ssmith said...

Rick, thanks so much for your comments in the hearing this morning. You were honest and straight forward. You are exactly right that small businesses are being forced to discontinue products due to testing costs. Roylco discontinued 118 items in 2009 solely due to testing costs. These items are safe, quality items that are no longer available for children. And this is not the end, we will discontinue more items this year. Being a specialty products manufacturer, we do not have the volume to absorb hundreds or thousands of dollars in testing for one item.

smower5 said...

It is such a shame that so many of the niche products that are now available, will probably have to be discontinued due to exorbitant costs of testing.