Thursday, April 29, 2010

CPSIA - Today's Hearing Testimony

Here is the text of my oral testimony and written testimony from today's hearing. For your convenience, here are the written statements of the other witnesses:
  1. Rosario Palmieri, Vice President for Infrastructure, Legal, and Regulatory Policy, National Association of Manufacturers
  2. Paul Vitrano, General Counsel, Motorcycle Industry Council
  3. Jim Gibbons, President and Chief Executive Officer, Goodwill Industries International
  4. Dan Marshall, Handmade Toy Alliance
  5. Rachel Weintraub, Director of Product Safety and Senior Counsel, Consumer Federation of America
  6. Steve Levy, American Apparel and Footwear Association

The hearing today was apparently available only by audio feed. That is unfortunate because it was good theater, you would have enjoyed it. I don't know if the video will make an appearance (ever) but when we get links to whatever media is available, I will post it for you.

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maddogmona said...

Great job Rick. Thank you again.