Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CPSIA - Illinois Finally Issues Its Lead Labeling Rules

At long last, Illinois has published its rulemaking under the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act. The relevant pages are 5568-5575. As you will see, true to their word, Illinois has clarified that the lead limitation pertaining to toys only affects paint.

It is still regrettable that Illinois felt the need to keep its standard for lead-in-paint below the federal standards, especially since there is no demonstrated difference in Illinois 40 ppm level and the federal standard of 90 ppm from a health standpoint. It is important to remember that background lead levels in the environment very often exceed the limit in the Illinois law, including famously in the Obama's vegetable garden at the White House.

Hopefully this law will cause minimal disruption or random loss of capital for those companies that elect to stay active in children's products in Illinois.

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