Monday, February 21, 2011

CPSIA - Watch Out, Resale Shops! The CPSC is Watching . . . .

An alert reader pointed out today that the 1.7 million "recalled" baby monitors (the ones that need a new sticker) can't be sold at resale shops anymore. After all, they have been recalled so they are verboten now. Presumably they can only be sold accompanied by their anti-recall kit of the fancy new label restating the obvious, new instructions telling parents to come inside during rain storms and the clips (gotta have them clips!). As a practical matter, this will be impossible for resale shops to manage, so I hope resale shops everywhere are pulling these baby monitors to keep America safe.

In fact, the "hazard" that these devices present is common among all baby monitors so I certainly hope those shops stop selling all that merchandise immediately. Alert! Alert! No more baby monitors! And the hazard is found in everything with a cord that might be used near a crib - so you better stop selling humidifiers, lights, radios and the like. As the G-Men used to say, "Stop or I'll shoot!"

Don't forget, the CPSC has the U.S. Attorney ready and willing to put you out of business to protect . . . the . . . children. What would we do without those guys to keep us so darned safe?

And there will be penalties a-plenty, too, count on it. Jail time for selling a baby monitor? Well, we'll have to see about that.

If you live the clean life and stop selling anything remotely connected to children, these issues won't be a problem for you. Something to think about . . . .

I meant for the stores. Certainly not for Congress.


Anonymous said...

It's not just the never-ending stream of recalls (Disney watches because nickel-sensitive kids had a reaction - really?) but every time the stay on testing and labeling is extended, that's just further extending the date that resale entities have the opportunity to EVER be in compliance with CPSIA. Most seem to have forgotten the helpful advice of "well, you don't have to test for lead, you just can't sell anything over the limit" that was issued to us, but I haven't. I haven't heard anything about the resale market and CPSIA since that sage advice was offered to us.

Without testing for lead ourselves, those of us in the secondary market cannot be clear on what is acceptable and what is not until all manufacturers are testing and labeling. And I still don't have a clue how to make sure I'm not reselling items with pythalates... does anyone?

Anonymous said...

The problem is some people don't read labels. So I think there should be a requirement for a label that tells people to read the labels.

Without that label manufacturers should be held accountable for people who don't read the labels. How else could consumers know they're supposed to read the labels?

In Waxman world this makes perfect sense!