Sunday, February 27, 2011

CPSIA - House Hearings Clips of Questions for Both Panels

A few select clips for you from last week's House Subcommittee hearings. I will provide just a bit of commentary to accompany the clips. I will also be posting two other clips in a separate blogpost to follow.

Questions by Rep. John Dingell for Inez Tenenbaum and Anne Northup:

This clip features John Dingell trashing the CPSIA and pushing HARD for change. Listen to him BASH the Senate for mucking up his law!

Clip of Inez Tenenbaum and Anne Northup arguing about what the public injury/incident database cost - $3 million or $29 million.

The bickering over this critical point reflects a real misunderstanding on the CPSC Commission. What explains this? Not sure, really. Jennifer Kerr wrote about this topic today for the AP and noted that she had previously been quoted at $20 million by the CPSC. Oops. . . .

Clip of Inez Tenenbaum admitting that the CPSC will likely post INACCURATE information into the database . . . .

Shocked?! She also admits that only 723 companies have registered in the "soft launch" of the new database. Is that a lot? We registered seven brand names, so count me for 1% myself. I cannot say we control 1% of the economy. Draw your own conclusions . . . .

Clip of Rep. Jan Schakowsky questioning me!

Smackdown! I ran the Finance Committee for Ms. Schakowsky's opponent in the 2010 midterm elections. She gave the quote above to the Wall Street Journal in a profile of my role in that campaign. Have fun!

Clip of Rep. Olson questioning me about the 15 Month Rule and destructive testing.

Check out how many units the CPSC wants me to destroy in testing EVERY year!

Clip of Rep. Marsha Blackburn questioning Nancy Cowles of Kids in Danger on the sources of lead poisoning in America.

Clip of Rep. Blackburn questioning me about our testing costs.

Clip of Rep. Harper questioning me about testing standards.

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Wacky Hermit said...

Dingell: my take on his "Senate screwed it up" philosophy is that he can't bring himself to admit that the *House* screwed it up too. He can't have thought it was that screwed up, he voted for it! Well, at least he's still interested in fixing it even though he's no longer jockeying with Reprehensible Waxman for the chairmanship.

Tenenbaum and the database: Hereinafter she shall be referred to as Inez "Tell 'em" baum, because she just tells 'em what they want to hear, whether or not it's true. She's taking over for Commissioner Moore in the weathervane department, always with the nose turned toward the butt of the most powerful person in the room. She can tell the mood is to make things seem cheaper to avoid serious budget cuts. That being said, database or not, they really did need to spend some bucks upgrading their computer system and website. Their website reminded me of when I used to browse the internet with a text-based browser, when I used to ride my dinosaur across campus uphill in the snow both ways to the computer lab in the Math building.

Nancy Cowles: that was the "smackdown" moment for me. Marsha Blackburn took Nancy Cowles to SCHOOL. Go Rep. Blackburn!!!