Saturday, February 19, 2011

CPSIA - Pompeo Amendment Passes!

The Pompeo Amendment to the Continuing Resolution was introduced last night and debated by Waxman, Butterfield and Market (against) and Pompeo, Emerson and Barton (in favor), and passed by a vote of 234-187. Thank you, midterm elections! [The current balance of power in the House is 241 Republicans and 193 Democrats.] Notably, Henry Waxman and Jan Schakowsky circulated a "Dear Colleague" letter against de-funding the database (trying to get a copy) but their power base is diminished now and it didn't stop the amendment.

Once again, I want to thank Rep. Pompeo and his Chief of Staff Mark Chenoweth for their political conviction and political bravery. We are never going to get out of this mess without some help from courageous members of Congress willing to stick their neck out for us. Thank you!

You have to laugh at the Democrats' call for bipartisan work on safety during Thursday's CPSIA hearing (including Mr. Waxman in his opening statement). This amendment is a good measure of how committed they are to bipartisan cooperation. One has to wonder if their concept is that bipartisan work on safety will be possible when the Republicans "wake up" and see things Mr. Waxman's way.

Please don't breathe any sighs of relief yet. The Senate is a big stumbling block to progress on the Pompeo Amendment. There's plenty of politics yet to come. I will try to keep you posted!


Ben S said...

At times I wonder if it is possible for one politician to possess both business and scientific understanding, and still get elected. Pompeo is certainly helping on this issue, but then he fails to grasp the significance of the EPA apparatus, where they are quite good at explaining the science that supports their decisions. Reading responses to comments from staffers at government organizations (EPA, CPSC) makes me wish they weren't overseen by elected officials. I suppose that's one of the advantages of a dictatorship. =)

Wacky Hermit said...

In case anyone's interested, here's the roll call vote on the amendment. Look, then write (with praise or castigation) to your representative.

We need to praise our Representatives when they vote on things like this, just like you praise every little tinkle a tot puts in the toilet. How else are we to House-train them?