Sunday, February 27, 2011

CPSIA - My Testimony at the CPSC Hearing on 100 ppm Lead Standard 2-16-11

Here are clips from my testimony at the CPSC Hearing on 100 ppm Lead Standard on February 16, 2011. As noted in previous blogposts, there's much more to see and hear in this panel discussion. The clips focus on me and my testimony. I admire the testimony of the other panelists and especially the quality of the dialogue after the testimony under questioning by the Commission. If you want to see it unedited, check out the full video at the CPSC website.

I have already published the links from the morning session. Viewing those clips before watching these clips may help you understand the flow of the argument better.

My full testimony:

[Notably, Ms. Tenenbaum cut me a break and let me go over my 10 minute allotment. I appreciate that courtesy.]

Commissioner Bob Adler questions me on the future of small business under the CPSIA and the need for the Commission to "follow the law" and implement the new standard despite the known consequences. This may be the most interesting interchange on the troubling issues under the CPSIA that I have participated in over the past four years. Check it out!

Commissioner Anne Northup asks about the ability of small business to obtain exemptions from the lead standard:

Commissioner Nancy Nord questions me about recycled materials, the cost implications of the new standards and injuries:

My call for a Five Year Stay on the new lead standard to allow for development of real injury statistics:

1 comment:

Paul said...

Asking the CPSC to a play its proper and rightful role in helping to amend or rectify the faulty CPSIA and the related consequences is equivalent to asking CPSC to act illegally?? Could this be the big confusion within the CPSC??

Anyway, Rick, I am so glad Mr. Adler has the sense to say this out loud for you to give the answer for any decent people in CPSC who are trying to right thing.