Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CPSIA - Countdown to Crisis, Nine Days To Go

I know of no indication of a CPSC decision on the testing and certification stay scheduled for January 31, yesterday. You and I and your business and my business can wait to see the puff of white smoke from the CPSC chimney when they are good and ready for you to see it.

I am tempted to speculate on how this persistent state of indecision arose. After all, some of the Democrats on the Commission were adamant in the last go-round that this stay would not be extended. As I recall, Bob Adler expressed deep dislike for stays and promised that this was "it". One wonders if someone has blocked action on this issue. After all, the Commission is so collegial.

Inaction in the next nine days means that the stay will lift of its own accord.

I suggest that you go into crisis mode. With the law governing your business and your market possibly going to change unfairly and dramatically in the next few days despite the incomplete state of regulations governing mandatory testing, exposing you to possible jail time, you better get working. Or praying.

Hope you aren't in Chicago, like me - we are expecting the worst snow storm in 44 years today. I guess we'll begin our panic attack in a day or two.

When will the CPSC take action? Who knows. Take your time, guys! After all, they must really be under the gun. Who could have seen this coming? In December 2009, they gave themselves 14 months to resolve the component testing rule and the absurdly nicknamed "15 Month Rule", and couldn't get it done. They couldn't even respond to the comments they solicited on those shocking and uncomprehending rules. So busy! The last time the stay was about to expire, knowing that they couldn't or wouldn't get their work done, they at least had the decency to give ten weeks notice of the stay extension. Not this time.

Maybe they are punishing us because we've been bad. Maybe this is the way the CPSC sends us to our rooms. When can we come out of our rooms, CPSC Commission? We promise to be good!

The sick game that the Dems are playing is that the law is fine, and that there is just some sort of hang-up. A snafu. Darn those hang-ups! In fact, the law was misconceived from the start, was never workable, could not be "fixed" by regulatory action - and the Democrats on the Commission were appointed to never admit it. This is Henry Waxman's signature legislation - Dems are not allowed to criticize it. So today we continue to suffer at their hands. They don't care about you, your market or even the kids that your business serves. This is all politics - they are just looking up the line, and protecting their political overlords who insisted on this defective law.

Enjoy! As long as the Dems are in control in Bethesda, expect more of the same.

When's the next election, anyhow?

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