Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPSIA - The Text of Inez Tenenbaum's Keynote Speech at ICPHSO

The CPSC has posted Ms. Tenenbaum's fiery speech on their website. Here is the link. If you want to share the experience we had at ICPHSO, here is the video of the speech itself. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That was some speech. Sounds like an out-and-out attack on businesses everywhere as if all businesses were out to intentionally harm all American children. Clear collusion with organizations with their own agendas without any questioning of facts or motives. Lots of threats from a government agency. Guess the IRS is being challenged as the government agency to be feared most.

Esther said...

My goodness, Tenenbaum should just put the special interest groups on the payroll. That has to have been one of the most political speeches to come out of the agency to date.

Anonymous said...

I was actually in the audience, and it was pretty surreal. The accusatory and pumped up tone she used was really not appropriate for the audience, most of whom were already on "her side" anyway. I agree with Esther, one of the most accusatory and political speeches delivered by a Commissioner in a long time.

I also half-suspect the ".gov" statement was supposed to be a joke, but it was delivered so deadpan that it barely garnered even a little laughter from the audience.