Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPSIA - Am I a Libertarian?

I was asked today if I am a Libertarian. I assume that's because I complain regularly about the growing size, budget and invasiveness of the CPSC coupled with the agency's diminishing impact. Does that make me anything other than opinionated? Is a label in any way informative or even appropriate? I find the urge to place me and my comments in some sort of category rather disturbing - are my comments so hard to interpret that I can only be understood with the orienting effect of a label? Let me assure you, my views are not guided by a political philosophy. I am simply reacting to the mess made by Congress when it passed a terrible, poorly-conceived law.

Opposing this law has certainly changed me and given me a completely new way of understanding the way our government works . . . or as Senator Byah might say it, doesn't work. Am I wrong to accuse the planners behind the awful CPSIA of increasing the size and intrusiveness of government to negative effect? I know I must seem like a grumbler - but is that fair?

Often, when I think of my increasing stridency on this topic, my mind drifts back to this Seinfeld clip. The absurdity of the CPSIA situation seems somehow captured by the episode where entrepreneur Kramer starts up a new transportation business in New York City. This is the scene where he is evaluating his new drivers.

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Anonymous said...


Somehow, I missed this post. What a most kindred response this is... I am immensely proud of you for rejecting the box and the categorization, outright.

Many people are made uncomfortable by the truth and those who proclaim it without fear. It's the mentality of fear and followers that demands answer to such questions as the one raised here.

Why should such a problem / fear owned by others be made yours? Certainly, this is one "gift" you have every right to refuse!

I say - good for you, sir! Keep it up! Eventually (and it can take awhile...!), I firmly believe the truth really DOES, always, prevail. The discomfort others may now feel will eventually have no other recourse but to evolve toward where you already reside, with such great ease.

So - GOOD FOR YOU, I say! One day, in future, you will have the joy of looking back over your actions (owning every one of them fully), and realizing you never became a part of anything less that all that is good and honest and decent. Good for you.

Walk with boldness! Keep going! And, just for fun, be glad you're not a woman (we get twice the guff for being opinionated...especially from other women ;-).