Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CPSIA - ICPHSO Update - Remarks of Mary Toro and Kris Hatlelid on Toxicity and Risk

Mary Toro is the head of the FHSA Enforcement Division.
  • Reviewed regulatory scheme in a fair amount of detail.
  • Incorporation of ASTM F963 brought into the law a solubility standard for heavy metals in surface coatings.

Remarks of Kris Hatlelid, Health Sciences:

  • Wealth of data on cadmium is from worker exposure or inhalation. There is almost nothing out there about ingestion, including whether it is a carcinogen when ingested. Studies also need to consider life stages. Longer term studies are done on mature animals, which might not be relevant to children. The challenge from the data and its inadequacies are considerable.
  • Among other things, Hatlelid noted the importance of dose-response evaluation. This reminds one of the old toxicologists' saying that "the dose makes the poison." She also mentioned exposure assessment and risk characterization. It is comforting to be reminded that CPSC scientists are still aware of these issues (I never had a doubt). How can we get the message to the junior scientists in Congress?

The notes on toxicity gives perspective on cadmium and the panic over jewelry. I hope someday the CPSC regains the upper hand on setting safety policy from the Associated Press.

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