Thursday, February 18, 2010


After a day at ICPHSO when
  • The General Counsel quizzed the audience perhaps ten times about who was tweeting (my spies indicate that three people tweeted from that session, including me), ribbing us (me?) for letting you know what she was saying. [I blogged live from last year's event, which was noted with shock by some participants.]
  • The Chairman instructed us not to believe "Internet rumors" and to only believe websites ending in "dot gov". You know, you can always believe your government!
  • The Chairman told us to stop fighting old battles - in other words, give up, guys!
  • The Chairman heralded the work of the Center for Environmental Health, one of the most noxious of the consumer group terrorists active in today's market. Their tactic of extracting coercive settlements under CA Proposition 65 to set precedent and to fund their activities has been well-documented in this space.
  • The looming reality of the public database was shoved in our faces (Tenenbaum: It's time to get prepared). We confronted the realization that we will be forced to treat every consumer report as an emergency simply because of the database, and
  • The Chairman pointed to the Toyota feeding frenzy as the model for future regulatory action on "slow" recalls in this era of populist corporation bashing,

where do you think the ICPHSO planners sent everyone on last night's social event?

To see "Sheer Madness", of course!

You have to admit, it was a perfect choice.


Esther said...

Thank you for tweeting and blogging about the event. Most of us would never even know what was going on other wise. Yesterday OnSafety along with their good pal Scott Wolfson tweeted something to the effect, "We are open to ideas that help improve safety, but against those that impede progress." It's as though they took the words right out of Obama's mouth, "Agree with me or you are against progress (or safety in this case)".

You say we should submit our comments and you are right. But for how long? They clearly are not listening because it doesn't fit their agenda. Politics is all over these decisions and the powers that be won't listen. It becomes an exercise in futility.

Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama said...

Rick - Thank you so much for posting and tweeting about the event. I wanted to go but just couldn't and you are doing a great job of keeping us informed. I'm amazed (well, not really) about how lauded the CEH is - the CPSC seems to ignore that CEH uses the information to extort Prop 65 settlements from companies.