Friday, February 19, 2010

CPSIA - Decorum

I have received some comments in the last 24 hours that I consider abusive and personal in nature. This blog space is intended to be a forum for discussion of a limited topic, the issues surrounding the CPSIA, its implementation and its administration. I do not attack people personally for their views, although I certainly reserve the right to disagree with the positions, tactics or methods of the various actors in this drama. This is not personal and will not become personal while I am on the watch.

Let's keep it clean, guys. I do not filter comments to this blog and do not want to. To date, the only comments I have deleted are comments that promote other people's businesses (generally, these comments promote "adult" businesses) and one comment that I felt was insulting to a Commissioner (a Democrat, as it turns out). Some things are just across the line. I do not want to restrain your ability to comment here BUT if you won't obey the rules, I will turn on the filter and will shut you down.

Please don't ruin this for everyone. I will not tolerate personal attacks or other violations of ordinary decorum in this space.

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