Friday, July 29, 2011

CPSIA - Rumorville on Pryor Bill

A little bird tells me that some people have verified that the the Pryor bill to amend the CPSIA has been "hotlined" in the Senate as a step to immediate passage.  Other people have gone silent or have been unable to verify, so it's not an entirely clear situation.  "Hotlined" bills are on track for a unanimous consent vote. 

I gathered this explanation from Republican Committee on Rules site on hotlining:

"The Senate has largely institutionalized its unanimous consent process. On major pieces of legislation, the Majority or Minority leader may force a Senator from the other party to object to a bill’s consideration in the absence of a unanimous consent agreement. Similarly, the Senate will hotline a bill when it is ready to be considered under a unanimous consent agreement. Under the hotline process, the Senate cloakrooms notify Senators of upcoming bills that may be considered under unanimous consent to provide them with a final opportunity to object."

It's all rumor at this time, but this suggests that someone wants to get something done now.  While the Pryor bill is imperfect as drafted, it's better than nothing, and if there is a chance of a conference bill later, the possibility of a better bill is not yet dead . . . before we all die.

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