Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CPSIA - Hypocrisy on Display

CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum was home in South Carolina last week and made an appearance to commemorate a new State ATV safety law known as "Chandler's Law".  This law is supported, even encouraged, by the ATV industry.  Notes Paul Vitrano of the SVIA, “Chandler’s Law is a major step in the right direction. It’s something to be celebrated and we extend sincere thanks to everyone involved in its enactment. But there’s much more work to be done in South Carolina and all over America. ATVs are safe when used properly, but they are not toys. No responsible parent would hand the keys to the family car over to their child and send them on their way." [Emphasis added]

ATVs are not toys.  But ATVs are regulated by the CPSIA as though they are toys.  Notably, as a consequence of the CPSIA, access to youth-model ATVs has been all but eliminated.  Incredibly, there is still NOT ONE test lab certified by the CPSC to test ATVs for compliance either.  Testimony to this effect was given at the February 16th CPSC hearing at which I appeared.  Jay Howell of the CPSC acknowledged that the expense of testing ATVs cannot apparently be recovered by labs because there are so few youth model ATVs left on the market.  No lab wants to invest for testing at a loss.  The market speaks?  The absence of youth model ATVs from the market also means that they are not being rented out.  Rental and sales are the same thing under the CPSIA.  They're gone.

Interestingly, Chandler's Law prohibits children under 16 from riding adult-sized ATVs.   If you can connect even two dots, you will realize that this is a tacit ban on children riding ATVs.  Period.  This is the secret agenda of the consumer group zealots like the former AAP majordomo Cindy Pelligrini as she admitted at a meeting of stakeholders with the House Energy and Commerce Committee staff on January 6, 2011.   So in other words, the consumer groups have a political agenda that they cannot accomplish via direct legislation - taking away ATVs from your kids, even using youth model ATVs developed at the request of the CPSC.  ATV riding is too popular regionally for a ban to ever pass Congress - so the consumer groups obtained their objective under the cover of darkness with the CPSIA and sympathetic Dem plants on the CPSC Commission. 

And here's the hypocrisy of Ms. Tenenbaum on public display.   Appearing to herald the restrictions on youth access to adult-sized ATVs, Ms. Tenenbaum does not mention that she is ALSO responsible for the removal of youth-model ATVs from the market and that Chandler's Law essentially implements a ban on ATV use by children under 16 years of age in South Carolina.  Had she admitted it, the publicity storm would have been bad for South Carolina legislators and Dems all over the country.  She'll never breathe a word.

Not unlike the rest of the CPSIA mess, the reality is kept beneath a cloak, out of sight.  You will only notice, if you ever do, when you go to the store and try to buy something wonderful that you have used safely in the past . . . and it's gone.  Where did it go?  The self-appointed "fun suckers" have been there first.  Youth model ATVs - they're against them.  Trampolines, backyard pools, fireworks, rhinestones, brass instruments - all too "dangerous" for you to be allowed to use.  They know what's best, and you should be thankful.

It's our country but they're running it.  When are you going to do something about it?  After three years, you don't have much time left to figure it out.

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debrarae said...

The CPSIA was supposedly implemented to protect us against more lead and phalyntes in the products for children.

The problem with that? The problem is that the main offender, isn't even affected. Instead the JERK Senator LIB am I Durbin of IL, went after products in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. None of which contain the offending items.

Now Senator Durbin when he found out (as if he didn't already know) that he was hurting single parent families (who stood to lose their businesses because they couldn't afford to test each and every piece of clothing they made) .......said he'd 'amend' the act.

Instead, it's just as convoluted as ever. And it still hurts people who dared to create their own jobs.

And for the democrats to be ridiculing anyone who opposes this outrageous piece of CRAP, shows their arrogance ......their bigotry towards their own constituents, and their elitism (as they their selves often exempt their selves from unconstitutional laws that they expect US to follow without question)!