Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CPSIA - American Job Creators (Remember When We Did That?)

The House Majority Leader wants to know how the CPSC and the CPSIA are affecting your business.  They have a website set up for you to download everything you know about the misconceived CPSIA and resulting three year nightmare.  The first agency listed on the web page is the CPSC.

Have some fun with this!  Feel free to post your insights here, too.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time. There is a mountain of previously submitted material from the last 3+ years. This is just a diversionary tactic to make it appear as though someone cares. If I were to take the time to yet submit my comments it would say, "Please reference previously submitted comments to A on DATE." Morons.

Anonymous said...

I sell to dogs, that's how it's impacted my business. It went to the DOGS. You's not enough that I use no toxic glues or that I went with paper packaging or that I'm a mom who is meticulous about safety and creating handmade products that are alternatives to the cheap CARP from other know, making things handmade, in America (I used to hire military moms but...I need more dogs to sell to before I can start that up again...but, I digress...). CPSIA is bogus, as we know. All a means of preventing us from making any money so we, too, are reduced to going on welfare, over-taxing the system and reducing our country to such rubble that we have no choice but to submit to the U.N. and a one world order. The world not according to WE, the people...the world according to those with tyrannical ends in mind. Full stop. Unless you count other same horse / different color, imagine you're out of work and actually believe those spiffy electronic debit cards that now make welfare look hip aren't enough to take the edge off in the loss of pride department so you decide you want to bake up a batch of scones and go sell them at local farmers markets - nope! No can do! Gotta go through a commercial kitchen! There will be none of that good, old fashioned "I'm gonna pull myself up from my own bootstraps" a-happening around here! Can't do it. Cost of kitchen = you wind up in debt if you so much as try to do business. It's a crying shame. And it's going to take a massive light bulb moment before we hit a tipping point large enough for common sense and good, old fashioned American "can do" values to kick back in to fuel the economy like no war really can. My dad is rolling over in his grave...he and his parents, who came over from Sicily...all their toil...all their great pride and love of this country that has, until recent years, been a place for dreams and making something from nothing. Again, thank you for all you do, Rick