Monday, July 25, 2011

CPSIA - Personal Injury Lawyers Say CPSIA Database is a "Success" - Any Questions?

News FlashPersonal Injury Law Firm Beasley Allen P.A. announced the revelation that the CPSIA Database is a success but is still under attack.  Hmmm.

For those of you unfamiliar with this authoritative news source, Beasley Allen is a Montgomery, Alabama tort law firm that boasts on its website of a "$150,000,000 verdict in a personal injury case".  No doubt they are impartial in their views on the database.  Their web address is

To bolster their case in favor of the database, they trot out the informative results of Henry Waxman's "analysis" of the database released on July 7th.  [Mr. Waxman did not make his data available so his analysis has gone unchallenged.  The only way to review it is to recreate it.  Take it for what it's worth.]  Beasley Allen also cites the musings of Don Mays at Consumer Reports (he is the one who cautioned against his fourth grade daughter playing a brass instrument - don't worry, she plays the violin!), completing the rogues gallery.

Among the asserted benefits of the database, aside from website visits by other personal injury lawyers trolling for tort cases to file, Beasley Allen contends that "[s]ome manufacturers had even found the database helpful to them in identifying potential hazards in their products and addressing them as needed."  Aha.

There is an evil side to this controversy, naturally:  "Still, a powerful anti-consumer lobby wants the database shut down, and it is using politics to achieve that. While the database costs the CPSC $3 million to maintain – a bargain price considering its usefulness and its power to help make consumer products safer – it is on the chopping block again in current budget and debt-ceiling negotiations." [Emphasis added]

Oh, yes, the well-known and powerful "ANTI-CONSUMER LOBBY"!  Have you ever met someone who was not a consumer?  Are the people who never consume anything or don't have relatives or family members?  Or are they people who don't want consumers to buy their products?  Oh them! 

Or perhaps they are people on who oppose personal injury lawyers.  Just a thought. . . .

The Southern Injury Lawyers conclude:  "Opponents of the new database said that the database could be easily abused and filled with false information. However, analyses have found no signs of malicious activity on the database and Consumer Reports says it has not seen any evidence that the database has been harmful to businesses."

So says the lawyers with the $150 million dollar tort lawsuit.  Seems definitive to me. What could the problem possibly be???

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Paul said...

"... a powerful anti-consumer lobby wants the database shut down ...",

Oh wow..., sounds like a line of righteousness from a Huck Finn court house.

I guess some good old honest lawyers want justice to be served like the good old times.

Witches, then slaves, now, small busniesses would burn in sticks. Well, justices could be many things.

Btw, no disrespect for Mr. Clemens, just thinking of justice with the dems' CPSIA and some good old honest tort lawyers.

Possiblities are limitless.