Sunday, July 31, 2011

CPSIA - Pryor Amendment (as amended) to be Hotlined in Senate Tonight

According to my information, the Pryor Amendment, as amended to address the needs of resale goods stores, will be hotlined in the Senate this evening (passed by unanimous consent).  The bill then proceeds back to the House which remains a "house-divided".  Not unlike other showdowns in this disgusting spectacle over the past three years, it will come down to a nerve-wracking poker game where you are the pot. 

Who will win the day?  If the Pryor Amendment becomes law, you can assume the chances of passage of a common sense amendment of the CPSIA just went from 0.03% to 0.01% (not my joke, unfortunately - I am not as clever as some of the other cynical observers of this mess).  If the ATV'rs, bikes and resale goods victims are cut out of this mess, the rest of us will be the chosen losers.  There are no winners.

It will be up to the House Republicans to not hand a historic, economy-wrecking victory to Henry Waxman. They know what's at stake.  We are all depending on a sensible outcome of a quick Conference Committee.  The National Debt crisis victory should increase confidence. I only wish we were the subject of such public scrutiny.

The next few days will seal our fates, once and for all.

More to say later this evening.

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