Sunday, July 31, 2011

CPSIA - CPSC Enforcement Officer Speaks

In a July 29th blogpost, CPSC Commissioner Anne Northup reproduced a letter she received from a CPSC Field Agent.  Like so much data rejected by the Validation Bias Democrats on the Commission, I am sure this letter will be ignored.  Why not decide for yourself if it's relevant?

"I just had an opportunity to read your July 20 statement concerning lead ppm.

I just wanted to say thank you for saying what some many of us in the field are feeling everyday while having to carry out compliance efforts in face to face scenarios with business owners. We don’t have the sanctuary of a phone, a computer or geography to shield us form [sic] the reality of their world.

Since passage and implementation of CPSIA many of us, [geographic location removed], are facing more and more resistive and hostile receptions as we carry out our day to day activities with businesses. This seems to be specifically for the reasons noted in your statement and not just within the limited scope of lead. For the most part these are people with children of their own trying to make a living for their families that have no desire to put out an unsafe product. We are becoming the face of the reason they believe that opportunity is becoming more difficult and/or failing for them. It is so disheartening to go out on an assignment and spend an hour listening to a business owner berate us about how ridiculous some of our regulations and/or procedures are and not have one argument to present in return because they are right.

It is reassuring to know there is still some hope at the Commission level that some day we can return to a state of reasonable regulation and focus on safety, not philosophy and bureaucracy."  [Emphasis added]

I wish I shared the Field Agent's optimism.  Hey, buddy, those days are looooooong gone.

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