Friday, March 13, 2009

CPSIA - Letter to John Dingell re his March 4 Letter to CPSC

I sent the following letter to Chairman John Dingell of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce today in response to his March 4 letter on the CPSIA. We are also sending copies of all the letters sent to to Chairman Dingell. My letter was sent to my full list of Capitol Hill contacts, as well.




Anonymous said...

A most excellent, comprehensive and eloquent letter. A clear voice in the midst of a bleating herd of overreaction. Our children thank YOU and all of those writing letters / taking actions to ensure laws like CPSIA are constructed for proven good reason and with real, common sense!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very well researched. You know an interesting point with the liability, Us, as a very small "baby and children" product importer have always had a hard time getting affordable insurance. I recently called a broker about a quote and they said most insurers wont' even touch this area in light of the recent liability opened up by CPSIA.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Dingell is not the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee this Congress -- Rep. Waxman is.