Saturday, March 7, 2009

CPSIA - Address for Responses to Dingell Letter

To avoid deluging Rep. Dingell and the CPSC with emails and to assure that our responses are seen, we have established an email address for responses to Mr. Dingell's March 4th letter to the Commissioners of the CPSC asking for information relating to the need to amend the CPSIA. In my blogpost of March 6, I called for responses to his request for information about the CPSIA. See the following link for his letter and my call for responses:

Please send your letters to Mr. Dingell to:

We will pull together all the responses and deliver them to the CPSC and to Rep. Dingell's office.

Thanks again. Your participation in this process will make a big difference.


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Wacky Hermit said...

I just sent mine! Thanks for doing this, Rick! (BTW my kids LOVE your toys-- the real ones, not the Future World Collection. They're way into educational toys.)