Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CPSIA - The First Amendment Strikes Again! [Small Business]

From: Rick Woldenberg

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Subject: CPSIA - The First Amendment Strikes Again! [Small Business]

The CPSIA is such a serious and depressing issue that I thought you might enjoy watching this amusing video:

It's funny - and it makes a valid point. Enjoy, especially if you don't care about Small Business!

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Anonymous said...

Jon at dollarmovies is such a hoot. When I find someone who doesn't know what CPSIA means for children and families I send them to his videos. The bare truth just makes us all depressed and weep. Jon makes us laugh through our tears and have hope that someone in congress will finally understand.

THANKS JON! and may God open the eyes of congress.

Lora said...


Unrelated to your post here, but...

Could you please put titled text links of your past blog posts on your home page.

So many important blogs are buried deep in your pages that newbies to the CPSIA will never find.

Jon Molly said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out, Rick. The CPSIA effectively shut down my wife's operations, so she has had to start over with a whole new product line. Honestly, this situation is so ridiculous that lampooning it is almost too easy - the targets are like ducks in a barrel. A very small barrel at that.

We're both big fans of the work that you've done on this important issue. Keep it up. You've got an army of support behind you.

Valerie Jacobsen said...

I love dollarmovies, too!

I really don't think this debate will ever be won focusing on the economic damage or the damage to small businesses though.

Congress is already aware of the cost to business and considers that cost acceptable. Congress freely admits to that. They know we are suffering and they do not care.

I believe that the only place it can be won is if we demonstrate that their "for the children's sake" mantra is patently untrue. I think we need to show that CPSIA hurts kids.

The only way to prevent CPSIA from hurting kids is to demonstrate that this is its effect.

I think we need to show that when you damage a parent's business, you hurt kids.

I think we need to show that when you damage a business, you hurt kids.

I think we need to show that when you decimate the thrift industry, you hurt kids.

I think we need to show that when you attack the sporting industry (motocross, dressage, dance, ice skating), you hurt kids.

I think we need to show that when you destroy a child's First Amendment right of freedom to access information by banning pre-1985 books, you hurt kids.

I think we need to show that when you oppress libraries and book stores and toy stores and pull favorite products, you hurt kids.

The children that we are saving are a mythical product of overactive imaginations; the children we are hurting are REAL.

The American people have had it drilled into their heads that business is the enemy of the people; many, many people do not see "business" as "people and families," and they do not care if businesses are damaged.

But the American people DO STILL CARE about things that are harmful to children. And this is--I believe--the one argument that could possibly back CU, PIRG, et al. into a corner where they will have nothing to say.

I'm giving people a place to talk about the effect of CPSIA on our children at cpsiahurtskids.com because I believe that CPSIA does hurt kids. I think we need to protect our children from CPSIA, and I think that the only way to do it is to show that it's true.

I really believe, also, that no other argument will be compelling.

We can preach to the choir about the pain that businesses are feeling. It is real and it is severe.

I think that if we talk about the effects on children, themselves, we might be able to reach past the choir and really affect the people who need to hear our message.

Anonymous said...

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