Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a New Era

With Mr. Obama now in office, having instructed us with his "Let's Change America" slogan, I am energized all over again to attack the vindictive and misguided CPSIA before it's too late. February 10 is a mere 21 days away. The government has only three weeks to come to its senses. Do you realize that the CPSC has received literally thousands of requests for advice, rulings and clarifications and answered only a tiny portion? Implementing this law with so many points unresolved (and unresolvable) should be considered a crime. Today, the Obama administration ordered a halt in all rulemaking, echoing a move by the Bush administration in January 2001. It would be foolish to believe this was intended to help us, but it may in fact have that effect. If this Executive Order clogs up the CPSIA pipeline, then there may be no choice but to hit the "pause" button.

In the meantime, as this gets more urgent by the second, please write Congress and call your representatives every day to tell them what you think. This matters needs urgent intervention.



trinlayk said...

wow, lots of us Insomniacs thinking about CPSIA?

I've tried contacting them with my questions several different ways, and have no answers.

Frustrated that answers through the press or 2nd hand are so often in conflict with other reported answers to the same questions.

hilary said...

What about the states' Attorney General's offices?

The Forbes article mentioned that they are given power to enforce the CPSIA, so surely they will have more resources at their disposal for getting answers and clarifications out of the CPSC?

Shalom said...

All of us over at Etsy are wondering if this "halt" order will actually stop the CPSIA from being implemented on Feb 10. But someone said they just called Nancy Nord's office and was told they are having a meeting to discuss this very thing. Who knows?

We made it into the top 10 ideas on All we can do is hope.

And keep screaming, of course.

The Happy Tomato said...

There are scads of moments where we CANNOT push the pause button: in the final exam, on the delivery table or death bed..."Pause" is the decision which distinguishes rational humans from animals and the parasympathetic nervous system. I'd like to think we would have exercised it here, but am very grateful if it's taken out of our hands with this stay on legislation.

TODAY'S letter to my Congressmen simply quoted back the inauguration speech, including that we now suffer from "a collective failure to make hard choices" and that our society is defined by "the makers of things."

The task still lies with us--ALL of us--handmade, classmade, massmade--to connect the dots for Congress.

Outside the Box Primitives said...


a great thread was started in my ebay artist's group PFATT, seems to be keeping people interested and involved...and KEEP SCREAMING!! ROBIN~ doll artist

Brent Taylor, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books said...

Some sanity sinking in? Check out this link if you have not seen it:

hilary said...

Nevermind. Tried my state's AG office. I don't think they're aware they have authority on this one.

At least I found his blog and learned he's a big Mr Smith Goes to Washington fan. it may not be logical, but it comforts me.

hilary said...

The crafters make for a pretty picture, and gather sympathy fairly easily (not to mention some serious head patting- but that's a rant for another day).

More established businesses, on the other hand, seem more likely to collect eye rolling for staunch consumer advocates and- dare I say it?- the misinformed public. (The CPSC is right on that note, there IS a lot of misinformation on the loose)

I heard one "profits over people" comment too many, and decided it was time to find some good info to explain why amendment is important on a human scale:

This isn't about profits, and the fact that the law defies logic is just a detail on the sideline. This is about real people who are facing real and unfair consequences. THIS is why we fight so hard.

Business week cited a possible 46000 one-man operations potentially at risk. How many more on the small business level? Who knows.