Sunday, January 18, 2009

But Shipping's Included!

To start the day off with a (wistful) smile, please check out the new CPSIA children's skirt offer at The skirt's only $15,160 but the shipping's free! Hey, don't complain - at least you KNOW your child will be safe. Can't take too many chances these days. . . .

Somebody blogged to remind me that it's really time to get the lead out - for legislators dealing with this absurd law. Yes, get the lead out - get moving and fix this law before it destroys businesses, livelihoods and the finer things in life.



glutenfreegirl said...

Love it!!
heres mine!

Emily said...

There are a bunch of them

The Happy Tomato said...

But look at the opportunity here!:
HOW we can quibble with the CPSIA when, according to Julie Vallese's "clarifications" for re-sellers seeking "confidence in lead levels," it's going to *stimulate* the economy by creating a NEW job!--
I won't be able to sell my own safe designs to the public directly after Feb 10th, but I can make some pin money by offering my lead whispering services to Etsy sellers, effective immediately.
No worries, I just accredited myself!

Rick Woldenberg, Chairman - Learning Resources Inc. said...

Emily, that's a fabulous post - I am going to do another blog on it so everyone gets to see it!


Kristen said...

thanks so much for featuring my CPSIA compliant skirt Rick! What size did you need??

Thanks for leading the fight for us all!