Saturday, January 10, 2009

Check out the 50,000+ signatures on the Resale Industry CPSIA Petition!

The Resale Industry has done a terrific job of carpetbombing Congress with emails on the CPSIA. Imagine - they have over 51,000 signatures as of this moment! The AAFA has more than 15,000 emails generated, too (sorry, Steve, I haven't updated my count since Thursday!).

Other industries and businesses can add meaningfully to this effort. Let's keep their email inboxes CLOGGED with your protests. Sign every petition, send emails every day, call them, bother them, take control of your business life! You know, as I know, that this effort is to save something valuable - your business, the jobs it provides and the mortgages, college educations, 401ks and car loans it pays for so many families, the joy or productivity generated your products and services and the contribution your business make to your community. This law is not necessary to make you a moral person or a law-abiding citizen - so start screaming at Congress for insulting your integrity and endangering your way of life!


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