Sunday, January 18, 2009

But Shipping's Included! (Part II)

I had to share Emily's response to my last blog. She points out that there are other similar sites addressing the new cost of children's items. See This site is hilarious but sad. The problem of ruined price points and ruined businesses is still unrecognized by Congress. No one wants to face this looming reality, all because of the marketing of the CPSIA as a needed "improvement" in safety regulation. The $4,200 children's bib on Etsy is not considered a counter-argument because, darn it, we need to be "safe". This abstract, spiritual use of the word "safe" is deeply distressing to me. If people believe safety is something abstract, as though it were a kind of window onto the soul and a measure of some sort of morality, then industrial efforts to produce safety will become completely diffuse and unfocused. Safety surveillance only works if it homes in on real, known, actual risks. If we scatter our resources over all sorts of imaginary, paranoid illusions of potential risks, there will little energy left for the real problems. We cannot afford this frivolous exercise. Please keep screaming!



Lalas Pequenos said...

I'd be happy to go to jail if you find lead in my fabric noonies!

trinlayk said...

The handmade plushie I normally sell for $20 will AT MINIMUM have to go up to $50 to comply with XRF testing.

As an art object I've made some similar toys in silk fof $50 and only sold ONE of them in a 3 year span. If the wool and alpaca 4-8 in plushies go up to $50 they'll be unsellable.

Yeah. thanks congress.

Anonymous said...

The general public needs to be made aware of this - no one believes it when told. All think it is crazy and cannot be.

Mass media publicity is the only thing that will make this real to the "guy and gal in the street".

Censorbugbear said...

Laptop for every child campaign falls under CPSIA testing law