Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good News from Washington

Bloomberg.com announced tonight the decision of the CPSC to exempt certain natural materials today (thanks, Eagle Eyes Kathleen Fasanella!). http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=a0Xr2Iw1Vi_8&refer=us This is partial relief for sure, but the quotes in the article and tenor of the decision suggests at a minimum that we are being heard. If this is where they are at today, there is hope we can move them further before National Bankruptcy Day. Even though they promise that the "toy police" won't be at our doorstep by February 11, the real issue for all of us not really what happens on Feb. 11, but rather what happens on Nov. 11 or sometime next year, when the CPSC is supercharged with more funding, a new Chairman and ample resources released from pereptual rulemaking and squabbling. We need to head off CPSC 2.0 when they turn into a lean, mean enforcing machine. I have never had a problem with a regulatory agency focused on real safety issues (let's not forget, we are all consumers and have kids of our own) - but that's not the focus on the CPSIA, the law of the land. The CPSIA is about fear and vengence. Let's keep plugging away! Rick


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are being heard, and little steps can grow into future big steps, but pressure must continue to be applied. One must wonder how these few items were selected with the many, many other 100% natural items that exist. What about wood? And to exempt small electronics - that actually do contain more lead in their components than so any of the items included under the law! We certainly know what industry this commission can be pushed by and responds to.

Anonymous said...

They need to break down the exact excemptions. I sew and I use PRINTED Cotton fabrics, and many sewing notions.
I can't afford to test each product's materials, per size too! I'm just a seamstress that works at home, and earns her living online, legally.
I trust when I buy the products in the brick motar stores or online that they are safe.
And Im a Mom & Grandmom. I do not want to willingly harm any child, and I do want to abide by the law.
I buy only toys from small business natural toy makers, so I feel for them too!
At this point, I want this law to clearly state the who, what, where & when, we know the why, and we agree with the why.
We want to keep our Childrens lives safe.
In some ways, I want them to clean up the air more and landfills more. Clean our water systems up. Clean up our food supply. Clean up the fast food industry.
But also this law needs to get its act together enough so that many business don't feel so clueless.
Cuase I sew ring bearer pillows & flower girl dresses for children under 12. And I alter clothing where I am added products to the clothing. There goes my ebay store where I sell boutique clothing....
And to think MANY Business THINK it doesn't include them and thier products. Many can be sued and " I didnt think it would effect my little business" is not a excuse in thier eyes. Blessings Diana

Jennifer said...

Well, baby steps, right? It's a start. Now lets hope the list of exemptions grow! Now to just have some sort of insight on ribbons :(

Here's my story!

I am a stay at home to 5 children. I am a wife and have a home business as well. I hand craft and sell little girls ribbon and fabric hair accessories (bows and headbands etc...) on my website. I have worked VERY hard over the past 4 years to grow my business. I am the only income for our family.

My business has taken off over the years to the point my husband does not HAVE to work and can stay home and help with the kids while I work and bring in more than enough income to support us! I have felt truly blessed and proud to be a self employed business owner in the United States!

This law, if implemented would be tragic to our family. I would be out of work leaving our family with no income at all! My husband would be forced back out into the work world and hopefully find a job in these economic times, that most likely would not pay for our bills we currently have.

Things are so good with my business, I CHOSE to be my own boss and be able to stay at home with my babies. This law MUST be amended to keep the small business men and women of America in mind! There are so many people out there that choose to buy hand made because of the love and extra attention and care, knowing that these products are produced in the USA and they do not have to buy from China etc!


Owner~ Sweet Baby Bowtique

Rick Woldenberg, Chairman - Learning Resources Inc. said...

These are great stories and they need to be shared. Please write your Congressmen and Senators (email, fax or FedEx). Don't keep these stories a secret. They NEED to hear you!

Jennifer Toenjes said...

I have contacted Congress, my Senator and the CPSC. Now hopefully they read it!

Pam said...

I am a stay at home Mom to 4 children. The CPSIA as written will put me OUT OF WORK. I make fabric hair bows and headbands and sell them online. This provides food for my family!

Even though the MSDS sheets from my suppliers show NO LEAD in the polyester ribbons I can not prove that with the expensive 3rd party testing that will be required. So, like hundreds of thousands of others, I will be forced to close my doors.

I LOVE MY WORK AND WHAT I DO! It allows me to stay home with my children and create with my hands! Please amend or repeal the CPSIA, it is a nightmare!