Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CPSIA - Illinois Keeps Its Priorities Straight: Meaningless Legislation

In a further triumph for populism and public waste, the bankrupt State of Illinois today passed a high priority change in the Lead Poisoning Prevention Act (LPPA) as previously disclosed in this space.  This Stop-The-Presses change in the law took priority over the incomplete deficit-ridden Illinois budget, Illinois' failure to pay its bills, its unfunded pension liabilities estimated at $140 Billion and the failure of its recent 67% increase in income tax rates to make a dent in its financial problems.  Yes, the raging issue among the legislators was to fiddle with the meaningless and useless LPPA, better known for its utility on the stump looking for votes. 

Thanks heavens for politicians!

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This is too good not to publicize:


Evenflo notes that the CPSC’s NEISS database for 2009 has over 1,250 reports of injuries to toes, feet and ankles from impacts with various articles of furniture, suggesting that the phenomenon of lower extremity impacts into furniture is not unusual.