Monday, May 9, 2011

CPSIA - Database Fun and Games

Quote:  “I believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer,” added Chairman Tenenbaum. “The ability for parents and consumers to search this database for incidents involving a product they already own or are thinking of purchasing will enable them to make independent decisions aimed at keeping their family safe."

Database EntryMicrowave Oven  [Good citizenship award pending . . . .]

Complaint:  "Husband & caller were at fire station meeting.  16 yr old son was babysitting, put food in microwave, approximately 20 seconds later 5 yr old son yelled 'fire', 16 yr old thought maybe microwave had arced & caught fire.  16 yr old grabbed fire extinguisher and put 12" flames out. Caller states that marks on her wall are 12" high.  Parents came home, checked unit out & saw that the cord approximately two inches from where it comes from the back of the microwave.  Cord had not been frayed.  Callers would like this incident investigated before there is a fire in someone's home that goes unnoticed until it is too late."  [Emphasis added]

Reply:  "Unit was picked up from consumer and evaluated. It was completely filthy and infested with live and dead roaches. Cord fire that was reported was due to a fire that was located outside of the unit as neither end of the cord was damaged or affected. Consumer was negligent in caring for the unit and this resulted in the unit not working."

Quote:  "The CPSC’s product safety database would serve as an early warning system for unsafe products and has the potential to save lives. . . . This database will provide important safety information to American consumers.”  Senator Jay Rockefeller

Database EntryBra  [One word:  Titillation!]

Complaint:  "Silicon Bra Strap Cushion, she put it on wore it all on Sunday 3/20/11. After she removed her bra Sunday night, she had a blister and burning sensation on her shoulders. On Monday, the 21st, she took pictures of her shoulders. She took subsequent pcitures (sic)on the 22nd, the 26th, and the 28th.  She felt the burning sensation for 3 days after wearing the product. She kept one pad of a pair of the bra strap and sent the other cushion to Miles Kimball at their request."

No Reply.  The pictures (yes, PICTURES) speak for themselves.  Another noble public service provided courtesy of your tax dollars at work.

Quote:  "[Ami] Gadhia [policy counsel] at Consumers Union countered that knowing about a near miss can be just as important as knowing about an actual injury. 'If someone narrowly avoids getting hurt, that's a good piece of information for consumers to have,' she said."

Database EntrySerated (sic) pie server  [Who KNEW knives were sharp?!]
Complaint:  "The Pampered Chef brand Slice N Serve serated pie server is razor sharp. I accidentally sliced my finger open with it. There was no defect with the product, it's just a lot sharper than most people would expect from this category of product. I have heard other people say they cut themselves with this same product."  [Emphasis added]
Reply:  "An individual has submitted a report to the CPSC regarding "Slice ‘N Serve, " a product distributed by The Pampered Chef, Ltd. (“The Pampered Chef”). This individual acknowledged that the product had no defect. Moreover, each Slice ‘N Serve is packaged with a “Use and Care” card, which provides clear instructions on how to safely and properly use the product, as well as Important Safeguards. The Important Safeguards warn that the blade is extremely sharp to offer the customer the best performance and may cause injury if not used properly. Product Use and Care information is also available on our website ( by clicking to the particular product description on our website."   [Emphasis added]
Quote:  “So far, we haven’t had any problems with it,” Tenenbaum told the Palmetto Forum in a lunch meeting in Columbia. The forum, affiliated with the University of South Carolina’s Walker Institute, hosts lunch seminars to stimulate discussion of international issues. the database, established in March after years of protests by business interests, allows consumers to submit reports of harm or potential harm by a variety of products. After officials review the complaint, manufacturers are given 10 days to respond to or challenge the submission.  [Emphasis added]
Database EntrySummer Infant Video Monitor  [Is there any legal basis to recall consumers, instead of products?]
Complaint:  We use the Summer Infant video monitor. We would sit the camera on the top of the crib corner, and at 9 months the baby was able to reach it and pull it down along with the long cord. We would watch her playing with the camera, and when we came into her room noticed that the cord was tightly wrapped around her neck, but there was not injury.  
Additional Details:  We have modified the cord (tied it together) so it no longer has slack and can not be pulled into the crib by the baby.
No reply.  What can you say???

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