Thursday, May 12, 2011

CPSIA - Democratic Memorandum on CPSIA Amendment Mark-up

This appears to be Henry Waxman's attempt to clarify his position on the CPSIA Amendment ahead of Thursday's mark-up. 

Not surprisingly, there just isn't enough time to dig into every crevice of a document like this when you have a day job. . . .   In any event, the document offers few surprises - this memorandum implies that only the Democrats care about safety and states pretty clearly that voting for the Amendment is a betrayal of American values.  Whatever.  After three years of this posturing, and the associated disaffection with the Democratic party, I am hardly surprised but still nauseated. 

Get your barf bag ready.


Ben said...

The link to the document is password protected.

Rick Woldenberg, Chairman - Learning Resources Inc. said...

FIXED! Bad link - sorry about that. . . .