Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CPSIA - ECADA (CPSIA Amendment) Full House Committee Mark-up Tomorrow

Representative Mary Bono-Mack introduced the CPSIA Amendment (ECADA) yesterday.  The bill is known as H.R. 1939 and was co-sponsored by Fred Upton, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  The mark-up will begin at 4 PM EST on May 25 with opening statements.  The vote on the bill is likely to occur on Thursday at 10 AM EST.

The majority staff memo supporting the bill can be found here.

Fingers crossed!  We need the poker game to end with bipartisan support for sensible reform of a misconceived bill that has damaged uncountable companies and marketplaces.  Safety is NOT a zero sum game.  Mr. Waxman must table the issue and let this bill move forward with his support.

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