Thursday, April 14, 2011

CPSIA - What You Get For Your Database Dollars

Selections from the CPSIA database, courtesy of an interested party. It's easy to see how careully the CPSC has been following its own rules on postings . . . .

“I don't think anyone should be wearing them and if they do try them, they should be made aware of potential injury and warned to discontinue use at the first sign of discomfort. I wish I had know.”
“Please consider taking the shoes off the market before more people are hurt.”
“each time the hat was placed on baby's head he would cry.” [Sorry just had to add this one, it was due to broken needle.]
“My ankle still hurts and probably will never be the same.”
“…still pains me with every step I take.”
 “I truly hope you will be able to make this company accountable for the quality issues we have experienced”

“I also strongly encourage you to investigate how many other pieces from the same manufacturing batch could be affected…”
“it didn't occur to me that there might be problems associated with a product being sold in a reputable store.”
“It appears that [Company name] has no concern whatsoever for Consumer Safety just profits.”
“We used an XRF analyzer and testing results showed the plate contained over 300 ppm of lead AND mercury.” 
“I did NOT want another product in my home from this manufacturer”
 “This product should be recalled.”


Anonymous said...

Oh the database is very "entertaining." This is my favorite.

I'm not sure what this is. He filed a complaint that a recalled product was recalled? Or that it did the very thing it was recalled for? Umm...

Ben S said...

Been reading them too. Turns out that oven/range manufacturers are the true bane of consumers' existence. Ban all stove sales, so many reports means they all must be unsafe! Cold food for everyone!

Anonymous said...

"Our house burned to the ground and we lost everything. The Lasko fan was in a open window and caught on fire and burned the house."

Lasko must pay!

Paul said...

Oh wow, Chairperson Tenenbaum is so far ahead of our time. When she said something about only believing in “.GOV” to provide guidance for the people, I never thought she meant to make the into an Emotional/Anger Management Website as well. Unfortunate incidences happen, regardless of who are responsible, we could share our misfortunate on

To have a website showing all the recalls conducted and evaluated under a professional agency called CPSC is a good thing, but obviously, Ms. Tenenbaum is trying to elevate to another level by bringing in the general public participation. Ms. Tenenbaum is definitely a vanguard of democracy with vision.

Anonymous said...

"HP Computer causes painful thumb strain due to a defective/unrepairable right and left click bar that is way too hard for a normal person to push effectively."

Good thing Mrs Anonymous is well-informed on what is normal for track pad buttons, or this problem would have sailed past regulators.

Next up: Complaints that laptop buttons are too weak, and cause misclicks with the slightest pressure.

Ben S said...

From a manufacturer:

"[...] the naturally-occurring odors in both polyurethane and latex foams [...]"

Yes, that all-natural polyurethane can be tricky stuff to work with. -.-