Sunday, April 10, 2011

CPSIA - Oh No, They Didn't Go Away

As you may have heard, the federal government stuck around this week. No shutdown, which means that the CPSC is still busy, busy, busy protecting us. We should all appreciate it. At least that's what they tell us.

So why do I have such a bad attitude? How would you feel if the people running this federal agency told Congress in writing that you were intent on poisoning children. They didn't accuse me by name, or you, but instead accused us all together. Perhaps they think we are all intent on doing it. They said, clear as day, that we were ready and waiting to "dose" children with lead. The purposefully-chosen word "dose" suggests an act of volition, something intentional and sinister. The word connotes an unwitting victim. Bottom line, they are saying that we are perversely stalking innocent children unaware of their "fate". Really, really nice. Especially by a Chairman of the CPSC and her cohorts holding a majority vote controlling the agency.

Those of us in business, we tend to take our reputation seriously. It is deeply offensive to be insulted by strangers, people unable to know us or our intentions. I don't think the word "slander" is too far a stretch. How can the three Democrats (Inez Tenenbaum, Bob Adler and Thomas Moore) be so arrogant to stand before Congress and assert that they (and their law) stand between the American consumer and infamy? I simply can't say. It really is disgusting.

Not only is this is a devastating insult, but it is frankly a crushing blow to the FUTURE restoration of trust in this agency. NEVER previously has there been such a broadcasting of intentions, a profound and dirty bias against manufacturers and in favor of media pandering. Whether they are taking instructions from someone off-stage or not, their letter to Congress confirms that they cannot be trusted to be fair or open-minded. The three Democrats are certainly not a government for all of us because manufacturers and retailers are now frozen out of the community. The Dems have pushed them out. This is not an American government anyone would want.

What will Congress do? Rumorville has it that I am not the only one whose jaw hit the ground and whose blood began to boil when they read the Dems' letter. Some people around town actually care about the fairness of government. Some people believe in fairness and are sensitive to any odor of ignorant prejudice, minds made up before evidence is presented. Some people believe government must be accountable. Some people believe there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

The Dems put themselves in the soup. G-d willing, they will be held to account. Stay tuned.

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