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CPSIA - More Lives "Saved" by the CPSIA Database

These breathtaking database entries were submitted to me by Anonymous in a comment on my previous database blogpost.  Lest you should miss these little gems, I am reposting them here for your reading pleasure.  These are real filings, paid for by your tax dollars.  I have provided links in case you are skeptical.

And why did Anonymous submit this comment anonmymously?  "Submitted anonymously, because hey, if they can."

Indeed. . . .

Mirrored screen protector for IPhone  [Eyes "zapped" by the iPhone - ouch!!]

I purchased a mirrored screen protector for my I- phone, within one week I was having pain, sensitivity, and weariness in my eyes. It took me a few days to figure out what had happened but I am certain that the mirrored quality of that screen saver is very harsh on eyes. Three days after purchasing the screen protector, I noticed while on my drive to work that the world seemed somehow much brighter, I had to wear sunglasses while driving on an overcast day, still there was just to much light. . . . At some point during that week I glance at my phone while at a stop light, the reflection absoloutley zapped my eyeballs. It was very painful and took several minutes to recover. . . . Several years ago I had had sunglasses with a similar reflective, mirror like quality and ultimately threw them away because they were so harsh on my eyes. I think this product would be particularly harmful to people who suffer fro migraines and I would be curious to know what safety testing it underwent.  [Emphasis added]

CFL Light Bulb  [Hope you're sitting down - CFL bulbs have mercury in them. Thanks, Eagle Eye!]

CFL bulb located in a lamp above kitchen table. My wife turned the lamp on and it immediately exploded, glass fragments landed on the kitchen table where my kids where sitting. As these things also contain Mercury! They should be banned!

Exploding Potato in Microwave  [Note to CPSC - get working on that potato recall.  It's URGENT!]

At 11am this morning i placed a potatoe in my microwave and pressed the bake potato button on the key pad approx. 3 min later my entire microwave was engolfed in flames. My house was filling with smoke flames were shooting out of the microwave door my hudsband opened the door and threw a bucket of water on the entire wall over my stove. I called 911 and they assessed the microwave and did testing with a heat devise on the wall behind and above cuboards to make sure fire was out and informed me that heat level was extremly high and good thing i was right there to put out fire. . . . I was told by all 3 companys that there in fact had not been a recall on this product and for me to contact their legal dept if unsatisfied with their service. They also informed me that if a product is recalled it is only warrantied for 90 days. I asked so if my house burns down because of one of your products that has been recalled over 90 days ago you are not liable for that? They then told me to contact their legal dept they couldnt help me with this matter...

[But what about the potato?  What about the potato???]

Britax Vigour stroller manufactured 10/2006  [It's just too dangerous to allow strollers to unfold.]

I was taking the stroller out of my car and I had the latch on. As I pulled it out to place the stroller on the ground it began to open and the latch failed. I was unable to stop it due to the weight of the stroller and it opened and caught the skin of my abdomen. It was trapped and I was unable to get it off for nearly 5 minutes. I was alone in a parking lot with my baby in his car seat in the car. Once I got it off I was in extreme pain and had pinch markings and bleeding. The next day My abdomen had a 6" bruise. I still currently 8 months later have a very bad scar that I do not think will ever go away. I feel that this stroller is unsafe and have been terrified to use it ever since.  [Emphasis added]

Oven to table cookware (sold by QVC)  [Is the CPSC certifying consumers as authorized test labs now?]

I ordered Temp-tations cookware from QVC. It is handpainted in China. I tested it for lead paint and the result was positive. I conducted the test several times.

[I don't know about YOU, but I am convinced!  Actually, I'm not.  We sell to QVC, and their safety practices are top notch and uncompromising.]

Handpainted Dinnerware  [This one DEFINITELY will save lives - did you know glassware gets hot in the microwave?  Who knew?!  Thanks for looking out for us, Congress.]

I have some Gibson dinnerware and some of it, especially the cups, get so hot when put in the microwave that you cannot touch them when they used to reheat or heat fluids. The handles get so hot they burn your finger so badly. Several times they have gotten so hot I have dropped the cup and broken them as have the plates been dropped. I am concerned that the dinnerware may be high in metal content.

Reply:  Not knowing the specific product that the consumer has, we can not provide any detail about the material used. There are some materials used that are more porous than other materials. the more porous the material the hotter that it will become to the touch. These products Gibson Overseas marks as 'Will Get Hot in the Microwave".

[I call this a public service!]

Pottery Park Designs "Village Collection"   [Some of these filers should get together to compare notes.]

About 2 years ago I purchased some dinnerware, I believe it is pottery. It is made by Park Designs, called Village Collection. It's taken me this long to learn that it is not Microwave safe, even though it states that on the bottom. It gets hot enough to burn fingers.

Reply:  All of our Dinnerware and Bake ware are tested for US FDA Leachable Lead and Cadmium, California Prop 65, Dishwasher Safe ,Microwave Safe at BUREAU VERITAS Hong Kong Limited. We have never had a claim such as this.  Any dish placed in a microwave with food in it will conduct heat and will depend on the time and level of energy used to determine the heat of the dish.  We consider the product safe for use.

[I have $20 that says the responder was not saying everything on his/her mind . . . .]

Expedition LX Jogging Stroller   [Note to Self:  Remove baby before folding stroller. Check twice before putting away, too.  Mistakes happen, you know.]

The consumer says the handles on each side of the stroller that are oval shaped, meant to fold up the stroller. The oval openings are also for handling the stroller in the fold position to carry around. Consumer says when child is in the stroller, the child can stick his arm straight through the oval openings. Consumer says her child is 17 months old, and feels he can break his forearm with this product. Consumer contacted manufactuer and they offered no assistance and told her the child must have not been properly strapped in. Consumer says it doesnt matter if child is strapped in or not, they can still get their hands stuck in the oval openings.

Reply:  The report states that a child can stick his arms through the handle openings. The report also states that they feel a child can break his forearm with this product. Baby Trend has thoroughly evaluated the report but is unable to determine any such risk as reported. The product meets all requirements of ASTM standards, including requirements for maximum and minimum opening sizes, as demonstrated by numerous third-party tests. Baby Trend is unable to gain any additional information from the person reporting because they did not provide any contact information. Baby Trend believes the product is safe when used properly.

Intex Kidie Float #59586  [Used float purchased at thrift store does not perform as expected.  Hmmmm.]

No injury occurred because I was testing the device when I discovered the malfuction. . . . I purchased the kiddie float brand new in its original packaging from a local thrift store. It was purchased a few months ago. I took it out of it's packag this morning and blew it up to test it as we were planning on going to the pool today. I wanted to be sure there were no leaks. The stem cover opened on it's own after i blew it up and securly closed it into the device. I tried it again- I blew it up closed the stem cover inserted it into the floatation device and once again the pressure from the air in the floatation toy pushed the cap opened. This is extremely dangerous as it can cause a childs toy to deflate while in use in the pool and cause a possible drowning. . . . I due need to add that I later noticed that this product is for 2 and under and so I would have not used the device anyway since my child is 25 months old, but my child was NOT in it when I tested it and it malfunctioned!

Reply:  We contacted the submitter of the complaint and the issue of the valve not staying in place has corrected itself after the product, which was manufactured in 2003, regained its normal shape after being tightly folded in its original package for 8 years. The valve also has a self sealing function that limits the leakage of air if the cap is not properly inserted into the valve preventing sudden loss of air. In addition, the caregiver is warned to never leave the baby unattended and to always keep the baby at arm’s reach in the unlikely event that the float would lose air or any other issue arise. The submitter sent us the product and we have verified that it is functioning properly. Whenever using any children’s product, especially one intended for use in water, it is very important to ensure that it is functioning properly before being used. Any product that is malfunctioning, broken, missing parts or in need of repair should never be used. We applaud the submitter’s diligence in checking the function of the item prior to use.

[Can't argue with that last bit.  Emphasis added.]

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