Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CPSIA - Washington Times Lashes Out at Database

In an editorial in today's Washington Times, the paper railed against the CPSIA database. Says the Washington Times:

"The Republican-led House of Representatives is fighting back against big-money plaintiffs’ attorneys who use campaign cash to control congressional Democrats. . . . [The database is] an open invitation for competitors or interest groups to destroy a product’s reputation - and sales - without proof. It’s also a major come-on to trial lawyers eager to file class-action suits. Attorneys could tell juries that publication on an official government website is evidence that allegations have weight."

Perhaps the Washington Times should talk to Cheryl Falvey. She'd tell them not to worry, it's just a "complaints" database . . . but that's the rub, isn't it?

The paper carries on: "Previous bogus consumer scares . . . show the dangers of letting unsubstantiated allegations gain premature credibility. The CPSC database would add to the mischief trial lawyers could cause with spurious lawsuits."

The big question is - will the Dems abandon their plaintiff lawyer patrons when faced with the LEGITIMATE CONCERNS of industry - or will they sell American business down the river and kill yet more jobs with a further expansion of the government's reach into our lives?

Please write your Senators and demand their support to de-fund the database!

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