Monday, March 14, 2011

CPSIA - Other People Have Bigger Problems Than We Do

I think it is important to keep the CPSIA crisis in perspective. While I remain incensed about the CPSIA and the resulting treatment of our company and its various stakeholders, I realize that the world does not revolve around this issue. This is a perfect week to count our blessings, if only because real problems are on horrifying display in Japan.

It is hard to read about Japan and not feel true despair and compassion. The mounting drama of their nuclear meltdown is heartbreaking. The death toll, which appears greatly understated, is truly heartbreaking. The devastation of a proud country and a real friend to our country is shattering. They need help - and they need it NOW!

I urge you to stand with the people of Japan and share generously with them at this terrible time of need. There are many organizations mobilized to provide relief. The American Red Cross is a popular choice.

Please dig deep. They are our neighbors and our friends - this is the time to stand up and be counted.

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