Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CPSIA - New HTS Import Tariff Schedules Due to CPSIA

Please note the following alert from the TIA on new harmonized tariff schedules (HTS) for toys. This change was requested by the CSPC and believe me, it's because of the CPSIA and their fixation to zap you at the port. You will also note that this goes beyond toys, including jewelry and festive articles. For all I know, it goes well beyond the TIA's list. You should consult with your import specialist or your lawyer. The age grading sets up the agency to police the ports with ever greater care and scrutiny.

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Anonymous said...

We've re-coded our toy items according to this HTS schedule as of Jan 1st.

We've already seen a 4 fold increase in container examinations (YoY)as a result. The CPSC is definitely using it as a tool to target toy shipments.