Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CPSIA - Vote on Database DELAYED

The CPSC Commission vote on the public database scheduled for tomorrow has been delayed until the day before Thanksgiving (November 24th). Talk about Turkey Day . . . .

We have seen delays like this in the past. These pauses generally reflect infighting among the Commissioners. Don't be fooled by the squabbling - it doesn't mean that any light bulbs are going on. The Commissioners know exactly what they're doing when they install a database gift wrapped for trial lawyers. The Democratic majority and Republican minority may be on different sides but neither group is dumb - they don't buy the baloney that the leftist consumer advocates fling around - they know it isn't "extremely difficult" to keep your family safe from "dangerous products", they know that American consumers have many ways and places to share negative experiences with products online, they know that this venue will be an abasement of basic due process rights of manufacturers. They get it - they know they will be sending us down the river when they adopt this rule.

The difference is that the Republicans don't want to send us down the river. The Dems show absolutely NO SIGN of caring. The outcome of the vote is certain. So is the eventual loss of more jobs.

So what's the point of the delay? Why not just get it over with? The extra week gives them more time to bicker among themselves. Perhaps that gives the appearance of dialogue and "debate". Then they will pull the trigger.

You can guess where the bullet will go.

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