Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CPSIA - Mania Update No. 2 - Walmart's 100 ppm Lead Standard

Courtesy of your Congress and the mania promoted by our essential CPSC, Walmart has kindly begun to test to a 100 ppm lead standard. The testing has already begun, to keep everyone so so SOOOOO safe, and applies to anything offered for sale on or after August 14, 2011. They have settled on this standard now even though your CPSC has not determined that it is "technologically feasible". Another big win for Waxman and his henchmen. . . .

Isn't that nice? Walmart is plunging into the void left by a Congress that abandoned YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. By making this a requirement of theirs, Walmart joins the effort to implement Mr. Waxman's vision of a Utopian America, lead-free whether we like it or not - damn the consequences!

Who is at fault here? First and foremost, stubborn Congressional Democrats who KNOW this is a problem but refuse to act. The fact is that the 100 ppm standard means NOTHING to safety and cannot be justified on any rational economic or public health basis. Of course, I discount raging paranoia or paralyzing anxiety as a justification for the standard. I know, I know, I am small-minded.

Unfortunately, for businesses in the REAL WORLD, the uncertainty of stupid laws that may or may not spring to life leaves us little choice but to assume they will be implemented. Hence Walmart had to implement this provision. They can't wait for Congress to stop sucking its thumb and take action.

Of course, we can also blame the so-called "leadership" of the CPSC for this step. The Dems running that shop are also unable or unwilling to act to prevent any of this damage. There is little to indicate that the CPSC Dems WANT to prevent this economic damage which I speculate is out of loyalty to their political patrons. Whatever the reason, they have done NOTHING to help industry. Take them off your Xmas card list.

We are not the only ones suffering at the hand of the worst Congress in history. Consider the one sentence in the Obamacare bill that requires vending machines to list calorie counts on a sign. According to a FDA Federal Register release on Friday, this will require 14 million man-hours of work per annum. Time well spent. Welcome to our world, guys. . . . One sentence in Obamacare did this, out of 2,000+ pages. Happy reading - imagine what the rest of the law says!

I will be on Fox Business on Wednesday at 7 PM EST discussing the election. I am looking forward to help from a Republican-dominated Congress but must say that the firemen better come quick. This Walmart step is just one more to be immediately undone. Can Congress save us? Will the marketplace ever revert to sanity, given that the CPSC is now crazy?

It's put up or shut time for the Republicans. They need to act FAST and EFFECTIVELY. We are dying out here.


Anonymous said...

The craziness just gets worse. Let's move to another country, hey?!

Mars Feeney said...

The Democrats have not just abandoned small business. They have abandoned common sense. They have abandoned critical thinking. Worst of all they have abandoned dialog.

They have covered their ears, closed their eyes, and zipped their lips. You can present all the evedince you want. You talk until you're blue in the face. You can scream and yell. They don't hear you.

They do not back up their law with evidence. The do not refute any challenge to their points of view. They simply refuse to acknowledge any disagreement.

You don't exist to them. We don't exist to them. Anyone who doesn't agree with them might as well not exist.

The net result of the CPSIA, I believe, will do far more harm to children than good. I believe the evidence strongly supports that view. Lawmakers have every right to challenge that view and to back up their point of view up with hard evidence. But they appear to have no hard evidence and so they just ignore us. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TREAT US AS IF WE ARE NOTHING!

But that what the Democrats in Congress have been doing - treating us as if we are nothing.

As a lifelong Democrat I cannot begin to express how disgusted that makes me with my own party. They have destroyed my faith in our government as a sensible organization.