Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CPSIA - Report Abusive Database Rule to Eric Cantor!

Today, Republican CPSC Commissioners Nancy Nord and Anne Northup, noting the stifled debate orchestrated by Democratic CPSC Commissioners on the final public database rule (up for a vote on November 17th) and the toxic impact of that rule on the business community, have proposed their own alternative rule on the database.

HERE is the link to the Nord/Northup proposal. I believe the CPSC is currently mud wrestling over whether the Nord/Northup alternative proposal can be shown to you . . . the public. I think the Dems don't think you are mature enough to be able to read it. Perhaps when you're older . . . .

Here is Nancy Nord's blogpost and Anne Northup's blogpost relating to their proposed new rule. I also want to commend Ms. Northup's three other blogposts on this topic, beginning on October 27. It is gratifying to see Commissioners taking political risk to do the right thing. Both Ms. Nord and Ms. Northup are taking a stand here. Let's hope that fighting breaks out on other issues, too. We need the help.

This proposal by two Republican Commissioners is yet more shocking evidence that at today's CPSC, safety and market integrity is an entirely partisan issue. Frankly, I don't understand this and find it all so outrageous. In my view, this cartoonish standoff is ENTIRELY the fault of the Democrats who are stone deaf to the legitimate concerns of the business community. The hollow words of Inez Tenenbaum committing to "dialogue" with stakeholders makes me want to scream.

Consider, for instance, that I testified at the hearing on the database on November 10, 2009 at the personal request of Matt Howsare, Tenenbaum's then counsel (now her Chief of Staff). Ms. Tenenbaum purportedly wanted my feedback on this critical proposal, and as it was related to me, the agency needed more comments from the business community. Naively, I spent our company's money to fly to Washington to accommodate this seemingly reasonable request. I am accepting Fool of the Year nominations at this time. . . .

This hearing took place almost exactly ONE YEAR AGO - plenty of time for Ms. Tenenbaum to absorb my testimony. Listen to my testimony - did the majority take ANY of my points seriously? According to Nancy Nord, she was not allowed to ask at the October 20th Commission meeting about CPSC Staff's conclusion that the rule would have an insignificant impact on small business - the ENTIRE focus of my testimony in November 2009. Don't kid yourself, staff conclusions like this are are driven from ABOVE - from Ms. Tenenbaum and her political patrons. Ms. Nord was gaveled silent by the majority party - they had heard enough, I guess. Other issues impacting business interests from a fairness standpoint were also ignored or blunted.

This kind of treatment is completely outrageous. This example of government-out-of-control explains why the public spoke so profoundly last Tuesday. Nevertheless, the people running the shop at the CPSC didn't hear you on Election Day. We MUST stop the Dem's plan - unless you want to be eaten alive by trial lawyers. Listen to my testimony - it's a road map to litigation doom.

Eric Cantor has called for substantially increasing Congressional oversight of the activities of federal agencies which he says are "now actively working to enact [President Obama's] agenda through agency regulations". Could Tenenbaum, Adler and Co. be doing JUST THAT at the CPSC right now? Hmmm.

Please WRITE ERIC CANTOR to tell him what you think. His fax number is 202-225-0011. Please post your letter as a comment to this blog.

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jennifer said...

Aaah the "YELP" of the CPSC. I will gladly write a letter.

So Tenenbaum really believes everything she reads from all consumers? 100%. That is what she is saying right? We should all be very scared but writing one more letter just in case someone will listen.