Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CPSIA - Welcome to the Team, Gib!

In a fascinating turn of events, Gib Mullan has apparently left the employ of the CPSC and accepted the job of Chief Counsel of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee. This is the subcommittee which has jurisdiction over the CPSC (and NHTSA, currently being run by David Strickland, one of the drafters of the CPSIA). We live in interesting times, don't we?

Gib Mullan has had a long and illustrious career at the CPSC. Formerly a litigation partner at Kirkland & Ellis, Gib joined the CPSC as its General Counsel in 2004 and later became the Director of Compliance and Field Operations. In that latter role, Gib drew some fire in this space. Later, in something of a palace coup, he was "detailed" to the CPSC's Office of Executive Director and then "assigned" to a "special project" at Customs and Border Patrol. The Product Safety Letter questioned whether this was a legal maneuver by Chairman Tenenbaum as it was not accompanied by a Commission vote. In other words, PSL implied that Mullan was the subject of an illegal firing by Tenenbaum.

Hmmm. And now ex-Kirkland partner Mullan is Chief Counsel for the House Subcommittee responsible for the CPSC? And working for the Republicans?

Can you say "oversight"?

Sounds like fun!

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Paul said...

This is a really small world.

Wish you all a better New Year with 2011.