Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CPSIA - Canada Tries to "Out-Stupid" Us - Is that EVEN Possible?

When I went to Toronto one year ago to attend the international ICPHSO conference, I came away impressed with the sensibility of the Health Canada folks. They were grounded, they were calm and reflective, they seemed to understand that the CPSIA went too far and was not needed as the basis for Canadian law. I left with a sense of admiration and confidence in them.

And one year later - they are showing troubling signs of declining IQ points, a possible sign of lead poisoning! In a stunning turn of events, Canada apparently has decided to play one-upsmanship with the United States. Not satisfied at losing in the international arena of regulatory lunacy, Canada proceeded to tighten up our oh-so-loose CPSIA lead standards.

Editorial Pause Here - Someday I want to see governments everywhere refer to INJURY STATISTICS when they call for new laws to make people safer. To figure out if people are "unsafe", one must certainly know if they are being injured . . . right? You'd really want to be able to measure that, wouldn't you? Please tell me you understand this point . . . . Soooo, if one chooses to argue that we are harming children with "too much" lead in children's products, isn't incumbent on the accuser to demonstrate in some meaningful way that the harm we will spend zillions to "eliminate" actually exists, you know, at a bare minimum? Shouldn't we demand a higher standard of justification than "it stands to reason"?

Back to Canada - Canada announced on November 29th "the most stringent rules in the world" on lead. The Canadians have decided that lead limits should be 90 ppm for toys and any product other than a kitchen utensil intended to come in contact with the mouth for children three years old and under. They will also join us at 90 ppm for lead-in-paint.

Please recall that the dirt in Mr. Obama's backyard tested for lead at higher levels than 90 ppm. His DIRT. So now we know he won't be able make toys or teething rings out of his dirt and sell those products in Canada. Finally, the menace is contained!

So why did they do this? "Health Canada says the new limits are needed because while reputable companies do their best to ensure lead has not been added intentionally to their products, companies can still run into trouble with quality control when importing huge volumes of goods in complex supply chains."

Oh, I see - it's the fault of darkest China! Good Canadians wouldn't do this but those evil people in their complex supply chains - they can't be trusted.

I would toss this off as some kind of joke other than the fact that this creates a massive business problem for us. And, of course, after the cynical and ignorant politicians get past congratulating themselves on saving the populace (from what?), there will be great mystery about what happened to variety of playthings in Canada or why educational products are much harder to find. What a mystery that will be!

As an American supplier of many Canadian school supply dealers and Canadian schools (we make Canada-specific educational products), I want to note that we have never had a single accusation of injury in Canada from any of our products since we were founded in 1984. I do not relish attempting to meet this asinine standard, lower than the loathsome U.S. standard of 100 ppm due to come into being in August for no particular reason other than to kill jobs. Will anyone feel sorry for me when we get our first test report showing lead levels of 93 ppm on a single part in an assembled toy? In other words, compliant with the U.S., but 3 parts-per-million above the arbitrary trace standards of Canada? Nah, it will be ours to savor - no one will care. We have to make children safe, safe, safe and who could put a price of the safety of our children?!

I don't know how long we will sell products for kids under three in Canada if this law goes forward. Perhaps the Canadians figure the kids can start to be educated after three.

Maybe Canada really has a chance to out-stupid us if they keep this up. Bully for you, Canada! And I thought it couldn't be done . . . .


Anonymous said...

I think we can all see where this is going:

Group highlights toys that pose risk to children's safety

...The group noted the "Princess Expressions Tiara and Jewelry Set" contains 87 parts per million of lead. "It's within the (Consumer Product Safety Commission's) standard for lead, but there is no acceptable safe level for lead in toys," said Weissman.

halojones-fan said...

I'm pretty sure that domestic Canadian toy producers are entirely happy with this move, since they won't have to worry about import competition now. If they can just show "documentation" and "testing" for each component then they can say "well, any lead content isn't our fault, blame our suppliers, boo hoo".

Tristan Benz - Maiden America - said...

Tsk, tsk, Rick. You and your common sense :-). Remember, you cannot leave the Turkish prison until you've entirely given in to the insanity. I feel for you because you, with your mental fortitude, are going to be pushing the great wooden wheel around for some time ahead if you can't be brought into the understanding of what the Regulatory Authorities know far better than YOU! Stop questioning - lay down - they'll let you out faster :-).

Seriously, that parents should have authority to decide on how to keep their children safe - what's that about? That we citizens can be trusted to make choices like this for ourselves and our offspring - c'mon, isn't that just a silly notion? If we were to indulge these silly, old fashioned ideas, it would only give all too much credibility to the incredible design of our Constitution and founding principles; to the value of maintaining our sovereignty; to the capitalist system that has brought incredible leaps forward, improving the living standard throughout the globe, really - improving the world for all mankind! C'mon, get with the Agenda!!

Move over Santa!!!

Agenda 21 mandates and the global drive to ensure the rights of a child, among other things, are superior to the rights of parental authority / individual liberty are-a-comin' to town! It's high time you just got with the program and stopped being so stubborn - requirements that make sense?! BWAHHAAHAHAHAA!!! Hilarious!