Sunday, September 26, 2010

CPSIA - Congressional Terror Campaign Continues (FMLA)

773 days have passed since ANY Democrat in Congress did ANYTHING to help us on the CPSIA. There are only 37 days left until Election Day.

Don't worry, your Congressional tormentors haven't tabled their latest effort to terrorize you, the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act. We understand that the Congressional Democrats are still trying to make a "deal" on this terrible law. It's not going away even if you have put it out of your mind.

It doesn't matter that that this law violates WTO rules. it doesn't matter that it is flagrantly protectionist legislation that may trigger a trade war. It doesn't matter that it pissed off the EU, as previously reported in this space. It doesn't matter that we will lose critical vendors. It doesn't matter that we will face retaliatory legislation in other districts, effectively cutting off foreign markets for our export efforts.

All that matters is that Rep. Betty Sutton needs to look heroic to her constituents - the bill is a gift to her. She is fighting for her political life in this Midterm election and your petty concerns pale compared to the needs of the Congressional Democratic majority position. And you thought the politicians worked for you. It may be the other way 'round.

The latest sign of the cost of this self-destructive act is the inflamed outrage of our closed trading partner, Canada. For some reason, Canadians aren't too psyched up about being subject to class action lawsuits in this country. Weird, you'd think they would LOVE it. . . .

" . . . Canadian Trade Minister Peter Van Loan says the 'badly crafted' bill could end up side-swiping Canadian exporters, even though U.S. officials insist Canada isn't the intended target. 'There are enough thinking people that realize that this is a badly crafted bill that causes harm to a whole bunch of people,' Van Loan said Thursday."

No sense of humor up north, eh? How can those Canadians act so superior, criticizing the handiwork of our very own Democrat-dominated Congress? Badly crafted legislation? Please! Never heard of such a thing.

"Van Loan says the Canadian government is holding out hope the bill won't reach a vote before Congress adjourns in the coming weeks. 'If it gets voted on, the charged political environment means it will almost certainly pass, because you can't be seen voting to protect people dumping toxic drywall from China and stuff like that in your country,' said the minister. The [Canadian] government is keeping 'all options' open if the bill passes, but would likely seek a waiver similar to the Buy American exemption, he said." [Emphasis added]

Congress giving a gift to itself with self-destructive legislation, and a major trading partner implicitly threatening retaliatory legislation. Wow, we have a great government, don't we?

Is anyone besides me TIRED of being the object of continuing terrorist attacks by our OWN government?

When can I start to vote? Someone please help me . . . .

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jennifer said...

It is time to vote. I thought these statistics were quite shocking about the cost of regulation: