Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CPSIA - Besides THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, How was the Play?

776 days have passed since ANY Democrat in Congress did ANYTHING to help us on the CPSIA. There are only 34 days left until Election Day.

The Cato Institute published its study of the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act yesterday entitled: "'Consumer Safety' Bill Could Boomerang Against U.S. Manufacturers". I have written about this latest self-destructive attack by Congress on our economy many times in the past.

[I am beginning to think of this Congress as some form of national auto-immune disease. Is there a pill we can take to get rid of it? If only . . . . The "pill" is called voting on November 2nd.]

Here's the conservative think tank's take on this legislation in a nutshell:

"Americans damaged by faulty products, whether made abroad or domestically, should be able to seek compensation through the courts. But the approach advocated by supporters of the FMLAA would not solve the problem. It would create a false hope of collection for damages while bypassing existing procedures that have proven to work in most cases. The approach would potentially violate constitutional protections available to citizens and non-citizens alike as well as existing commercial agreements with other nations. It could potentially disrupt global manufacturing supply chains, putting American production and employment in jeopardy."

Now that's a good reason to vote sponsor Betty Sutton (D-OH) back into office, isn't it?

But then there's the inflamed EU, Canada, WTO, importers, blah blah blah. Who cares? Not this Congress. I am told now that the FMLAA will not be addressed before the Election, but watch out for the lame duck session.

Nice of Congress to keep us on our toes with threatening legislation pending all the time. Really nice. I wonder if there's time to send out another solicitation for funds for the Republicans tonight . . . .


Wacky Hermit said...

I wonder how Ms. Sutton's poll numbers are. That might go a long way towards explaining her sponsorship of a bill like this. Sadly, she thinks it'll help her...

Anonymous said...

One of the underlying arguments that supporters of the awful Sutton bill cite is that US manufacturers are at a competitive disadvantage because of the overly litigious US legal system. Accepting that to be the case, they are two solutions.

(A) Fix the US legal system

(B) Keep the US legal system but export it around the world.

The solution in the Sutton bill is B.

Subjecting everybody else to the joys of our own legal system. Gives new meaning to the term "ugly American."

Gene and Charli said...

The Republicans haven't helped at all either. They are fighting legislation to take away rewards for outsourcing American jobs. Both parties get a big F as far as I'm concerned. We need change now and neither party (including the Tea party which has become and arm of the Republicans) is going to do anything to help us.

We need more people scaring the craps out of our legislators. We need to know who is financing their campaigns and why they screw WAHM businesses in favor of the Big businesses who have been rewarded for taking our jobs overseas.
I'm not voting for any candidate who doesn't expose ALL of his/her contributors our for everyone to see. I don't give a crap what the Supreme Court says. It's wrong for companies to buy elections. But we can keep it from happening if we vote intelligently and let them know what we require. We have one thing the companies don't have. THE MAJORITY OF VOTES.