Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lenore Skenazy has a Few Things to Say about All Those CPSC Recalls

Lenore Skenazy who writes the Free Range Kids Blog, has an op-ed on about all those CPSC recalls (previously covered on this blog here and here).

She doesn't mince words.

Money quotes:

"And so it goes in the unbrave new world, where nothing is safe enough. It's a world brought to us by the once sane, now danger-hallucinating Consumer Product Safety Commission."


"[CPSC] actively engages in fear mongering, perhaps to give it something to do. After it rid the world of leaping lawnmowers and exploding frying pans, it turned its sights on the also-rans of corporate reprehensibility. The tricycle with a protruding screw. The stuffed animal whose button eyeball contains lead paint. And to remain relevant, it acts as if there is really no distinction between a bucking chain saw and a Little Tykes "choking hazard" the size of a salt shaker. And it just keeps getting more irrational."

Read the entire op-ed: "Students Aren't Allowed to Touch Real Rocks."

Posted by the Staff of the Alliance for Children's Product Safety

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