Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CPSIA - I'm Back!

I am back in the saddle and wanted to thank our Guest Bloggers for their contributions in my absence. Likewise, I really appreciate the support and creativity of the staff of the Alliance for Children's Product Safety in their administration of the blog while I was gone.

I find that the passage of time has not brought us any relief. With the newly asserted need to test carpets for lead and recalls of lacrosse gloves for lead-in-ink, the goofiness that had us in its grip when I left still has us in its grip today. I will comment on these and other matters in the coming days. In the meantime, I prepared a blogpost before I left and will post it shortly.

I liked the work of our Guest Bloggers and want to encourage the submission of other guest posts in the future. I would be happy to continue to post the views of market participants on the topic of the CPSIA in the future.



Anonymous said...

A meeting was held at CPSC on JUly 15, in which YKK expressed concern that they are getting incorrect/inconsistent test results from test lab to test lab. I can not find any record of this meeting (although it was on the calendar for a while). I can find no briefing, no press release, nothing.

Maybe you will have better luck.

Anonymous said...

Like I said. It is as if it never happened.