Monday, June 7, 2010

CPSIA - A Page Torn from the CPSIA Playbook

The Dems’ Central Command tore a page from Waxman’s CPSIA playbook and, according to the New York Times, is apparently advising Democratic candidates running for Congress to avoid town hall meetings. All the better to avoid feeling the wrath of their constituents, you know, the people they represent. The NYT article reveals the strategy:

“The reception that Representative Frank Kratovil Jr., a Democrat, received here one night last week as he faced a small group of constituents was far more pleasant than his encounters during a Congressional recess last summer. Then, he was hanged in effigy by protesters. This time, a round of applause was followed by a glass of chilled wine, a plate of crackers and crudités as he mingled with an invitation-only audience at the Point Breeze Credit Union . . . . The sentiment that fueled the rage during those Congressional forums is still alive in the electorate. But the opportunities for voters to openly express their displeasure, or angrily vent as video cameras roll, have been harder to come by in this election year. If the time-honored tradition of the political meeting is not quite dead, it seems to be teetering closer to extinction. Of the 255 Democrats who make up the majority in the House, only a handful held town-hall-style forums as legislators spent last week at home in their districts. It was no scheduling accident.”

Here’s the Dems’ genius strategy in a nutshell: last year - hung in effigy; this year – invitation-only, closed door “feedback” sessions. Problem solved!

This master stroke allows the Dems to stage manage a myth, perpetuating the illusion that everything is A-Okay. Of course, this brings to mind Henry Waxman’s refusal to hold CPSIA hearings for almost two years and his staff’s perpetual rebuffing of any criticism of the “perfect” CPSIA. See no evil, hear no evil – therefore there must not be any evil . . . right?

The big question is who will be fooled by the Dems “hiding in plain sight” strategy. Does anyone actually believe that avoiding the people will keep the Dems in control of Congress?

It’s hard not to feel that the Dems think they are ruling us, not governing as our representatives, and aren’t accountable for their actions. It seems the height of arrogance to not stand before constituents and talk about the issues of the day. Perhaps they think we are too dim to remember what we are pissed off about.

Just like the CPSIA. Does anyone remember why we are mad about this law??? Someone needs to remind me . . . .

So the Dems are going to avoid you and your problems. This kind of treatment makes voter anger turn into voter rage. Let’s keep this in mind as we head to the polls. When the Dems are out of office, they can see how they like being ignored.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for November to get those "sheeple" Dems out of office.

Esther said...

It's not just the Dems. My Republican representatives do not hold town hall meetings period. Once a year they travel around the state for Lincoln Day events. I managed to get to one of those events with the intention of cornering them and asking them to explain their over-spending behavior, among other things and why I never get a serious response to any of my letters. I never got the chance, but I watched one literally start sweating as he was asked questions of why he voted for certain things. He has not been in a situation to be asked questions like that since. Shameful behavior, really.