Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CPSIA - Business Roundtable Torches Obama for Anti-Business Policies

In a scorching 54-page letter to departing OMB Chief Peter Orszag, the Business Roundtable and Business Council (via Ivan Seidenberg, CEO Verizon Communications, and James Owens, CEO Caterpillar Inc.) outlined the many problems caused by this Administration for the business community. I am pleased to say that the CPSIA made a cameo in this letter (see below), likewise TSCA reform. I am sure Mr. Waxman cares not, but it's nice to know that our issues rank right up there.

The bubbling and surging frustration and despair I feel over the two-year CPSIA torture chamber is echoed by prominent business leaders in this letter. Business people are beyond exasperated after 18 months of Obama and his left wing allies who have never had to make a payroll. As I have said countless times now, our company has a sterling record for safety and the children's product industry itself has an almost unassailable record for protecting children from injury from lead and from phthalates (according to the CPSC's recall data itself).

How did we turn into public enemy number one? We are left to twist in the wind, and our regulators seemingly could give a damn. I have had enough . . . and that puts it mildly.

Here is the letter. You can read the report by clicking on the link above, it's rather interesting. I have also reproduced the verbiage on TSCA and the CPSIA below the letter.

June 21, 2010

The Honorable Peter R. Orszag
The Office of Management and Budget
725 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20503

Dear Director Orszag:

As a follow‐up to your request to both Business Roundtable and The Business Council for examples of pending legislation and regulations that have a dampening effect on economic growth and job creation, we surveyed our membership to get their views. Attached are an Executive Summary and detailed description of what they see as government initiatives that will cause slower rather than faster growth.

Obviously the list is long, but we believe the cumulative effect of these proposals will help defeat the objectives we all share – reducing unemployment, improving the competitiveness of
U.S. companies, and creating an environment that fosters long‐term economic growth.

As business leaders we are increasingly concerned that the political expediencies of the short‐term harm our ability to partner with government to create policies that foster growth. Now more than ever we need to work as businesses and as government to make the United States a place where we can attract the investment that is needed if we are to remain the strongest economy in the world. [Emphasis added]

We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss any and all of these issues.


Ivan G. Seidenberg
Chairman & CEO
Verizon Communications
Chairman, Business Roundtable

James W. Owens
Chairman & CEO
Caterpillar Inc.
Chairman, The Business Council


CPSIA: "Product Safety: The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) implementing regulations are more expansive than necessary to protect consumers and impose unjustifiable regulatory and economic burdens on the regulated industry." (page 42)

TSCA: "TSCA Modernization: Compliance with the proposed safety standard appears to be nearly impossible and will result in a flood of litigation. It will gridlock American industry, ultimately stifling investment and costing valuable American jobs. Under the complex regulatory framework being proposed, EPA will be unable to meet required deadlines which will effectively bar new products from the market. Under these proposals, foreign manufacturers will have a distinct competitive advantage to produce new chemical solutions." (page 12)


Anonymous said...

Is it fantasy to hope and pray that the leaders of this country will listen to businessmen who KNOW what they are talking about?!

Rick, again, thank you more than we can express from the bottom of our hearts. My hubby's small business (himself and our son part-time) has floundered now due to the EPA lead laws. While they at least make some more sense than CPSIA, no one in our poor town can afford the increasaed cost to have my hubby work on their pre-1978 houses--which is MOST of the town.

Connie said...

On a related note, it is refreshing to read of businesses pushing back against the junk science pushed by the Obama administration. See for her blog entry regarding the suit against the 6-month moratorium. This ban promised to be "more devastating to Gulf workers than the spill itself." Seen through my CPSIA-colored glasses, this sounds familiar ...